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Advanced Review: Justice League #12

Posted: 08/28/2012 - 22:25 COMMENT

Everyone has been clamoring over the image of Superman and Wonder Woman in a passionate embrace that adorns the cover of Justice League #12. It has been donned here at the CBN offices as, "The kiss heard around the world!" But, is the hype regarding this image actually warranted? Does the book stand on it's own merit, or is it just an afterthought overshadowed by the big, money grab cover?

I am pleased to say, that issue 12 has been one of the best books of this entire run! Rife with characterization, Johns and his army of artistic talent, have crafted an outstanding tale that is a solid foundation for all the pomp and circumstance that comes with it's cover. One that finally shows, an often at odds group of heroes, meld into something they haven't truly been before — a team! Relying on each other, seeing each other's fears and overcoming them as a single unit, the Justice League solidifies itself just in time to see it all come crashing down. Subsequent events will forever change the dynamic of these heroes, but it is their journey together that makes this book worthwhile. 

Johns has taken every essential aspect needed to craft the perfect tale, stirred them together and created something better than the sum of their parts. He both excites and moves us, from our rudimentary need for action to our longing to be understood by another — it is pitch perfect! And the cover, which will be eclipsed by the story within (trust me!), is just icing on the cake. Nothing can overshadow the frailty Johns bestows on his godlike characters. The least human of characters that can become the epitome of humanity in one single moment! Amazing!

This is my pick for best book of the week — hands down! Not for the kiss, but for what transpires to make the kiss occur.