CinemaCon: The Flash, Spider-Man, Kraven, Aquaman 2, Blue Beetle

CinemaCon: The Flash, Spider-Man, Kraven, Aquaman 2, Blue Beetle

The big CinemaCon convention in Las Vegas is currently underway where updates on The Flash, Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, Kraven Aquaman 2, Blue Beetle, and more become known.

The Flash at CinemaCon

Users attending the convention and fan Twitter accounts have posted info from CinemaCon which includes a look at The Flash character posters featuring Ezra Miller, Michael Keaton, and Sasha Calle.

Warner Bros. Discovery is also screening The Flash tomorrow where a new trailer will be released, and what’s interesting is that Warner Bros. has filled in attendees that the screening of The Flash won’t be the final cut. It’s thought that might mean the VFX aren’t quite done, but I’ve also been told they haven’t decided what ending they want to go with.

My DC insider buddy said there is a version of the ending that leaves things open for Ezra Miller to return and we will find out at CinemaCon which ending they choose to go with, but maybe they haven’t decided or are saving the ending for the theatrical release to keep things a surprise. Guess we’ll find out tomorrow as there will be tons of spoilers online.

Blue Beetle and Aquaman 2 at CinemaCon

It’s also thought WB will be showing off footage from Blue Beetle, where the costumes are on display, as well as Aquaman 2, which gets a new poster at CinemaCon. A fan account is also stating Amber Heard is the best thing about the movie, which might actually be true as it’s said Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is horrendous.

Spider-Man and Kraven at CinemaCon

Sony showed off almost 20 minutes worth of footage of the Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse animated movie where it’s learned the flick takes place a year after the first movie.

Sony also announced Kraven will be R-rated.

Check out some highlights below. Here is the movie studio schedule for CinemaCon which also includes Transformers.

CinemaCon 2023 Day 1 highlights: