Channing Tatum Said To Be Leaving Gambit



It’s being reported the Gambit movie is in jeapardy of falling apart as Channing Tatum is planning on leaving the movie.

The Gambit movie has been talked about and in the works for the past couple of years with Tatum rather enthusiastic about the movie while speaking about it in interviews.

The Wrap reports that it’s unknown why exactly Channing Tatum plans on leaving Gambit other than stating sources have filled them in that “something is up” with it suggested Tatum may have his eye set on bigger projects that may include directing.

It’s said director Rupert Wyatt may need to cast another leading man for the role of Gambit. The studios has currently been testing young actresses as the female lead, including Lea Seydoux.

It’s suggested that Tatum could possibly stay on board Gambit in a producing capacity, but that is unknown as well.

The news comes as a surprise as Tatum recently appeared at Comic-Con with Bryan Singer and the cast of X-Men: Apocalypse. In addition, Gambit has a planned October 7, 2016 release, so it needs to begin filming soon.