Caity Lotz Talks White Canary & DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow (Video)


Fan-favorite actoress Caity Lotz was killed off at the start of Season 3 of Arrow, but that hasn’t stopped her from joining DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

Lotz has been confirmed by the CW as White Canary, and as revealed in the Legends Of Tomorrow trailer, Sara Lance apparently returns courtesy the Lazarus Pit.

Now TV Line catches up with Lotz – where we see she is in phenomenal shape – offering some details on the new series.

“I’m going to be playing the White Canary,” Lotz confirms.

Lotz continues with mention she thought she was done once Sara was killed off.

“[I]’m really excited,” she said. “I thought when my character died it was like ‘okay [wipes her hands clean].’ And then it was ike ‘I think we’re doing a spinoff’ so I was like ‘let’s get back into that DC world.’ It’s fun. I’ve been training a lot and getting ready.”

The White Canary will also have a similar set of skills to Lotz’s Black Canary, with the potential for an added bonus.

“Martial arts is her thing,” Lotz offered. “I’ve been training with double sticks a lot, so I’m really hoping that is going to be my weapon – bow staff that breaks apart.”

Regarding DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow, Lotz teases: “It’s going to be big. Even I didn’t know that much about the show, and I was like ‘I want to do it. I trust you guys.’ When we were shooting our teaser, they were telling me some of the stuff that is going to be happening, and I was like ‘this is way cooler than I’  – not that I didn’t think it wouldn’t be cool – but just stuff that I wasn’t imagining or picturing. It’s going to be really fun to shoot, and I think people are going to really like it.”

“DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow” premiers in 2016.