‘X-Men’ Writer Hopes Stephen Amell Reconsiders ‘Attack’ On Animal Rescue

The Green Arrow actor has filed a lawsuit against Rescues Rock over operating in a residential neighborhood.

'X-Men' Writer Hopes Stephen Amell Reconsiders 'Attack' On Animal Rescue

From superhero to villain, former Arrow star Stephen Amell is being accused of failing an animal rescue facility by writer Zack Stentz who is known for X-Men: First Class, The Flash, Thor, and more.

TMZ reports how Stephen Amell has filed a lawsuit against Rescues Rock, described on its website as a “nonprofit animal welfare, education and rescue organization.”

According to the report, Amell has filed a lawsuit and claims the animal rescue is operating illegally as the neighborhood is zoned residential.

The lawsuit claims there have been problems since Rescues Rock moved next door to the Amells in 2015 that includes the animals being loud at all hours of the day and night which is disrupting his wife and children’s sleep, including a newborn.

It’s also said among the problems include that Rescues Rock smells bad and that some of the animals carry diseases, including the facility housing upwards of 60 animals, with at least 18 dogs and countless cats.

It’s also said that Stephen Amell tried to do things the neighborly way but that Rescues Rock isn’t playing ball so the Amells felt compelled to file a lawsuit to stop it.

Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen in Arrow
Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen in ‘Arrow’

Zack Stentz hopes Stephen Amell reconsiders lawsuit

Following TMZ tweeting about the lawsuit, Zack Stentz took to Twitter in the hope that Stephen Amell would reconsider the lawsuit.

“This is deeply upsetting to see. My daughter has volunteered at this animal rescue for over 2 years & I’ve found it to be a professional, well run place that works with the Los Angeles shelter system to do emergency care for some of the county’s most vulnerable, at risk animals,” tweeted Stentz.

Stentz continued, “I hope Mr. Amell reconsiders his attack on what’s a beloved neighborhood institution in Laurel Canyon that does indispensable work helping some of L.A. County’s neediest animals. You can donate to@Rescues_Rock (a licensed 501c3 nonprofit) here: https://rescuesrock.com.”

Zack Stentz Stephen Amell Animal Rescue Attack Tweets
Via Zack Stentz Twitter @MuseZack

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