Stephen Amell Returns In ‘The Flash’ Trailer

Only a few episodes remain as 'The Flash' counts down to its final episode.

Only a few episodes remain as 'The Flash' counts down to its final episode.

Stephen Amell Returns In 'The Flash' Trailer

Stephen Amell returns one last time as Green Arrow as the trailer for The Flash is released for the episode titled “It’s My Party and I’ll Die if I Want To.”

The last we saw of Oliver Queen was in Crisis On Infinite Earths when he turned into the Spectre and then died where he was reunited with his wife Felicity Smoak in the afterlife.

It’s not known how Stephen Amell’s Oliver Queen exactly returns but from the footage below Barry might also be taking a trip to the afterlife where he brings his buddy back for some help.

The episode is also set to feature John Diggle played by David Ramsey; Wally West played by Keiynan Lonsdale, and Bloodwork is played by Sendhil Ramamurthy, with Danielle Panabaker directing. “It’s My Party and I’ll Die if I Want To”- 9×09 – and will air on Wednesday, April 26th.

Watch the trailer below.

Stephen Amell reacts:

Stephen Amell also tweeted reactions to his appearance and filming of the episode:

Watch the trailer:

The Flash 9x09 Trailer | Stephen Amell Returns

What is The Flash Season 9 about?

The Flash Season 9 will be the final season of the series with 13 episodes and is officially described as:

After defeating the Reverse Flash once and for all, it’s one week later following their epic battle… and Barry and Iris West-Allen (Candice Patton) are reconnecting and growing closer than ever before. But when a deadly group of Rogues descend on Central City led by a powerful new threat, The Flash and his team—Caitlin Snow (Danielle Panabaker), Meta-Empath Cecile Horton (Danielle Nicolet), the light-powered meta Allegra Garcia (Kayla Compton), brilliant tech-nerd Chester P. Runk (Brandon McKnight), and reformed cryogenics thief Mark Blaine (Jon Cor)—must once again defy impossible odds to save the day. But as The Rogues are defeated…a deadly new adversary rises to challenge Barry Allen’s heroic legacy. And in their greatest battle yet, Barry and Team Flash will be pushed to their limits, in order to save Central City one last time.

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