Brie Larson, The Marvels, Deadpool Won’t Be At Comic-Con Along With The Rest Of The MCU

Comic-Con won't be the same without Marvel.

Comic-Con won't be the same without Marvel.

Brie Larson, The Marvels, Deadpool Won't Be At Comic-Con Along With The Rest Of The MCU

Kevin Feige and the MCU are reported to be skipping out on appearing at this Summer’s Comic-Con which means Brie Larson and The Marvels won’t be a part of the big event held yearly in San Diego, as well as Deadpool 3 with Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman.

Feige and Marvel Studios normally put on a big presentation and are often the biggest draw and most hyped and talked about at SDCC but they won’t be this time.

The Wrap reports Marvel Studios won’t have a big Hall H presentation but will have a presence on the convention floor, which is similar to what DC has done at past Comic-Cons as well (James Gunn is expected to bring the DCU to Hall H with Superman: Legacy).

Comic-Con takes place starting July 20 and The Marvels gets released on Nov. 10, so if Feige and Disney wanted to, they could have had Brie Larson, Teyonah Parris, and Iman Vellani headline Comic-Con for Marvel, but we see Feige chose not to do that.

Deadpool 3 is also slated to be released on May 3, 2024, so that means the flick, Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman won’t be at a Comic-Con to promote the movie, which is currently filming.

Captain America 4 has also been filming so footage could have been shown with the cast appearing, but that isn’t happening.

Feige could also have promoted both Loki Season 2 and Echo for Disney+ at SDCC but Feige is choosing not to promote those shows as well. Daredevil: Born Again has also been filming and is currently delayed but could have easily had something at Comic-Con.

So why is Marvel Studios skipping out on Comic-Con?

While the MCU also has a slew of movies and TV shows in development, we can guess due to the writers strike, delays (see below) and reported internal problems at Marvel, which also includes Jonathan Majors’ law troubles and accusations against Tenoch Huerta, that Feige is choosing to go the low-key route for this year’s SDCC.

We can also guess Disney facing monetary issues with massive layoffs underway could be an issue, so possibly since the MCU has been bombing at the box office and on Disney+ maybe Bob Iger wants to save the money.

Comic-Con won’t be the same without Marvel.

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MCU release dates:

LOKI Season 2

October 6, 2023


November 29, 2023 


November 10, 2023


Previously dated on 5/3/24 moves to 7/26/24


Previously dated on 7/26/24 moves to 12/20/24


Previously dated on 9/6/24 moves to 2/14/25


Previously dated on 11/8/24 moves to 5/3/24


Previously dated on 2/14/25 moves to 5/2/25


Previously dated on 5/2/25 moves to 5/1/26


Previously dated 5/1/26 is now dated on 5/7/27

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