Brie Larson New Avengers Leader Says Rumor

Fits with Kevin Feige's previous comments, depending on what is getting released at the time.

Fits with Kevin Feige's previous comments, depending on what is getting released at the time.

Brie Larson New Avengers Leader Says Rumor

A new rumor claims that Brie Larson and Captain Marvel will be the new leader of the Avengers in the upcoming Avengers: The Kang Dynasty movie.

The rumor again comes from Giant Freakin Robot who provided the recent info about the Vision Quest series coming to Disney Plus and who also says Henry Cavill will appear as Superman in Justice League 2 and that Man of Steel 2 will erase Zack Snyder’s Superman Zod ending.

The site doesn’t provide further details about Brie Larson leading a team of new Avengers in Kang Dynasty other than stating it won’t be Anthony Mackie as the new Captain America leading the team.

The rumor might have some validity as Kevin Feige has previously said pretty much the same about Brie Larson and Captain Marvel in the MCU.

Captain Marvel and Scarlet Witch MCU Marvel

Kevin Feige changes tune depending on what is getting released

While promoting the release of Captain Marvel, Kevin Feige did say Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel will not only be the most powerful character in the MCU but will also be at the forefront of the entire MCU (more on that below).

However, Feige did change up his tune following the release of Avengers: Endgame and prior to the release of WandaVision (the dude is slick) where he said Scarlet Witch is the MCU’s most powerful character, so apparently depending on what Feige is promoting, it will more than likely be a different story.

So now with Elizabeth Olsen and Wanda out of the picture following the release of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, the focus is apparently back on Brie Larson and Captain Marvel.

The Marvels gets released on July 28, 2023, with Avengers: The Kang Dynasty on May 2, 2025.

Brie Larson Captain Marvel

Brie Larson and Captain Marvel will be the most powerful character at the forefront of the MCU

Regarding what Kevin Feige previously said about Brie Larson and Captain Marvel, notice how he had to pull a Pinnochio about the character being the most popular and powerful in the comics (she’s not at all) in an attempt to sell the character to his zombie fans who don’t read the comics (bold my own):

Captain Marvel is a character in our comics and in a mythology whose got one foot on Earth, one foot in the cosmic arena. And now that we have made a number of movies that take place on Earth, and now a number of the cosmic adventures with Avengers, and with Guardians of the Galaxy and with Thor, we thought it was the right time to finally introduce Captain Marvel to the world. She’s one of the most popular characters in our comics, she’s one of the most powerful characters in the comics and will be the most powerful character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Notice here how Feige says AUDIENCES ARE, which is a term that is definitive and forces it down fans’ throats:

This is just not about somebody who is incredibly powerful and can fly around and shoot photon blasts out of her arms, it’s somebody who is very human, who is very vulnerable and who has multiple dimensions. And when we found out that Brie Larson might be interested in joining this world, she came in, we had a number of meetings, we pitched her this idea, she was a huge fan of the character and the comic. And one of the highlights at my career at Marvel was introducing her at Comic-Con and having her coming out on stage and stand there with literally almost everything else from our universe, and there she was at the forefront, and it was a great foreshadowing of not just for how audiences are going to embrace Brie as this character, but also for how Captain Marvel is about to take the lead and be at the forefront of the entire Cinematic Universe.

Brie Larson short hair Avengers Endgame Captain Marvel

Audience embraces Brie Larson and Captain Marvel?

While Feige is pulling a Pinnochio in a desperate attempt to sell the actress and character and convince his fans in order to fulfill Disney’s politically correct agenda, sorry to say (not at all) fans haven’t embraced either one of them.

Why then does the film have the lowest Rotten Tomatoes Audience Score for an MCU movie at 45%?

Oh, it’s because of the review bombing where the former Disney exec that runs Rotten Tomatoes removed all the negative reviews and changed how the fans rate the films, right?

And don’t forget the movie is so good that it made a billion dollars sandwiched between the two biggest Marvel movies of all time, too, eh?

So good that Feige fired the writing and directing team?

So good that Feige removed the character title from the sequel title? Just like he did for all the sequels involving Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, and Spider-Man, right?

Or how about adding two actresses and characters that will co-star (ahem… replace) the main actress and character?

And why did Feige regrow her hair, is another good one?

And how about the actress questioning if she even has a future in the MCU and if fans want her to return?

Yep, fans definitely are embracing the future most powerful character in the MCU who will be at the forefront of the MCU and will lead the new Avengers.

Great job, Kevin Feige.

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