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Black Panther May Lead To Green Lantern & Cyborg Movies

Matt McGloin Posted: 02/17/2018 - 14:19 COMMENT
Black Panther May Lead To Green Lantern & Cyborg Movies

Much like Wonder Woman opening the door for female superhero movies, Black Panther might be doing the same for African-American comic book flicks such as Green Lantern and Cyborg.

Black Panther opened huge this Thursday and Friday - even beating out the likes of Captain America: Civil War - and now there is talk of not only a Black Panther sequel, but talk of Black Panther leading to similar movies.

THR posted an article about how Black Panther could be marking a turning point where they offer: "Black Panther also might accelerate the development at Warners of two of DC's black heroes — Justice League's Cyborg and the John Stewart Green Lantern."

It's further said that Sterling K. Brown has been campaigning on Twitter to play Green Lantern John Stewart.

News of Black Panther possibly spearheading a Cyborg movie also follows speculation that a Cyborg movie might not be happening, so Black Panther being so successful comes right at the nick of time.

Regarding Green Lantern, DC has been said to be developing a Green Lantern Corps movie featuring John Stewart and Hal Jordan, but nothing official has been announced other than the title.

I felt Black Panther was an okay movie, not great or epic, but definitely worthwhile to see on the big screen; so what it shows is that, yes, audiences will go see a movie featuring a black superhero, which can only lead to more of a good thing down the road.  

Wonder Woman is leading to a Marvel Black Widow movie, and Sony has announced a female Spider-Man spinoff featuring Silver Sable and Black Cat.

Hopefully we get more like Black Panther in the near future as well.