Bendis Wants You To Pretend You Have Been Reading His Guardians of the Galaxy For Years


[[wysiwyg_imageupload:5368:]]Marvel is doing everything they can to try and get their Avengers and X-Men readers to buy the new Guardians of the Galaxy.

And they are doing everything they can to try and get everyone else as there are a half dozen (or more) variant covers as well.

The latest from Brian Michael Bendis has the writer stating that you, too, can be a part of the cool kids club by reading his book.

And he wants to pretend that you have been reading his book for years.

Bendis cites his knowledge as a former retailer to try and convince readers to pick up the book — we can all be in the know when the movie comes out.

When I used to be a retailer there was a large section of our customers that wanted to be ahead of the curve. Almost everyone buying comics knows that the Guardians of the Galaxy movie is coming and they are going to want to be able to tell their friends: ‘Oh, I’ve been reading that book for years.’

Bendis also stated the following (via BC), and spoilers for the first issue, Jeph Loeb’s Nova and Thanos Rising are already online.

Right away in the first issue, and we’ve been hinting at in some of the other books, there’s something going on with the Earth. The Earth is clearly a very valuable jewel in the galaxy and why it is and what it is we’ll be laying out in the very first issues. Because Earth is such a cauldron of mutants, Eternals, Phoenix Forces, Infinity Gems, and all this stuff that’s going on, the other galactic civilizations look at Earth like it’s a madhouse. We look like cavemen with machine guns.

So there are two things they could do; they could either blow it up or they could say, “New rule. No one’s allowed to touch Earth. We’re poking at it too much. There’s too much interaction. The Skrulls invaded. The Kree do genetic experiments on them. It’s too much. By the time Earth is able to join the cosmic civilization, they’re going to come at us like paranoid barbarians and they’d be completely right. Every five seconds we’re doing something to them. New rule: everybody leaves them alone.” With that rule comes, of course, people who do not follow the rules like Thanos, the Badoon, and the other civilizations that are going to try to make a grand play for the Earth. That’s where the Guardians come in because they get wind that this is happening and the new rule has put a target on the Earth. And the Guardians will be intercepting whatever they can.

…we have a surprise at the end of Age of Ultron that directly affects Guardians of the Galaxy and when people see what that surprise is they will be scrambling to get their hands on this book.

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