Marvel Spoils Nova, Thanos Rising and Guardians of the Galaxy With Retailer Review


[[wysiwyg_imageupload:5261:]]It worked for Dan Slott’s Amazing Spider-Man and Superior Spider-Man, why not for the upcoming Thanos Rising, Guardians of the Galaxy and Nova?

Marvel let Midtown Comics VP of Purchasing (bold my own) Gahl Buslov read the first couple issues or so of Thanos Rising, Nova and Guardians of the Galaxy.

Buslove provided gushing reviews for each with spoilers on the Midtown Comics blog and a link to buy them right after.

No conflict of interest, here, though. None at all.


Here’s some excerpts (spoilers):

On Thanos Rising:

In this issue, we see Thanos as he was born, and through his early teen years on Titan. And we find out maybe why he’s so obsessed with Death (hint: she’s been by his side the whole time).

On Guardians of the Galaxy:

It also very neatly explains why Iron Man decides to the join the group. #1 sets up the premise that a bunch of galactic royalty/politicians have decreed that Earth is not to be touched (for as-of-yet-unknown reasons). Of course, that means Earth now has a big fat target on it, and Star-Lord’s father manages to play his son exactly as he wants to, resulting in Peter and his team acting as Earth’s cosmic defenders, which immediately comes into play in the first issue.

On Nova:

We find out that his father was a Nova Corps member who has been on Earth the last 15 years, and started a family that includes Sam and his younger sister. But he’s a bit of a has-been at this point, barely making it as a janitor at Sam’s high school. And while Sam’s younger sister delights in hearing them at bedtime, Sam dismisses his father’s Nova Corps stories as just that, stories. Until one day his father disappears, and shortly thereafter, Gamora and Rocket Raccoon (from the Guardians of the Galaxy) show up with the Nova Corps helmet that Sam has seen sitting in his father’s garage all these years. #2 deals with Sam finding out that just maybe his father’s stories were true, and him trying on the helmet and discovering his new-found powers (as provided by the Nova helmet). In the course of testing his new abilities, he crashes on the moon and encounters a certain giant, bald-headed, and very displeased observer.

Buslov also confirmed an upcoming Marvel Cosmic event featuring the characters and also got a peek at the new Foil cover for Age Of Ultron #1, and said it’s “pretty awesome looking!”

He also said he wants you to buy a gazillion copies! Just like the 90s!

No he didn’t say the “buy” part, but he more or less did.

Nice job.

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