Ben Affleck Done With Batman Says Brother Casey Affleck?


ben affleck no batman casey affleck Ben Affleck Done With Batman Says Brother Casey Affleck?

It’s being said that Ben Affleck will not be appearing in the Matt Reeves Batman movie.

The source of the information is said to actually come from Ben Affleck’s brother, Casey Affleck.

The Dork Podcast tweeted out that they interviewed Casey Affleck who said “Ben Affleck will NOT be in ‘The Batman.'”

The site claims they will release the audio some time tomorrow.

Update: I got a hold of a contributor on the Dork Podcast on Twitter and asked if the info is legit. He says it is:

Update #2: Audio of Casey Affleck stating Ben Affleck won’t be in The Batman is now available.

Update #3: Video of Casey affleck is now available.

ben affleck the batman 0 Ben Affleck Done With Batman Says Brother Casey Affleck?

There has been a lot of question surrounding the future of Ben Affleck as Batman following Affleck having stepped down from directing The Batman.

Just recently prior to Comic-Con a report stated Ben Affleck would no longer be playing Batman following Justice League; however, when Affleck appeared at Comic-Con he seemed to calm those fears.

“Let me be very clear. Batman is the coolest part in any f’n universe, DC, Marvel. It’s incredible. I’m so thrilled to do it,” Affleck said in Hall H at the SDCC. “I know there is a misconception because I wasn’t directing that I wasn’t enthusiastic, it’s f’n amazing. I still can’t believe it after two films to have this history with this great studio. Kevin Tsujihara and Sue Kroll and Toby Emerich said to me, ‘We want you to be our Batman’ and I believe them. Matt Reeves doing it, it’s like ‘I would be a f’n ape on the ground for Matt Reeves.’ Nevermind being Batman, It’s incredible. So I’m really blown away and excited, and it’s a great time in the DC universe. You are going to see some stuff from Justice League that we’re really, really proud of. I think you’ll see why I’m so excited to be Batman.”

ben affleck batman first look Ben Affleck Done With Batman Says Brother Casey Affleck?

The rumor prior to Comic-Con saw it said that WB was going to have Ben Affleck gracefully exit the role of Batman, which may mean a new Batman actor for Matt Reeves’ movie or possibly even a new Batman for the DCEU. WB has the Flashpoint movie in the works, and if you are familiar with the comic books, you know that the Flashpoint Batman is Bruce Wayne’s father, Thomas Wayne, which was played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan in Batman vs. Superman. There is also a rumor of WB doing a Batman Beyond live-action movie which features Terry McGinnis as the Batman. There are still other rumors suggesting Ben Affleck’s Batman might even be killed off in Justice League.  

Today happens to be Ben Affleck’s 45th birthday, so this news comes at a rather odd time. I suppose if it is true, then Casey Affleck may have let the information slip as I’m betting the announcement of Ben Affleck no longer playing Batman would have been made following the release of Justice League. Guess we’ll find out if it is true soon enough as Justice League comes out in three months.