Ben Affleck Batman News Said To Be Justice League Investigation Distraction


Similar to the fake Jason Momoa Frosty the Snowman announcement, Ray Fisher is also claiming the recent news about Ben Affleck returning as Batman in The Flash was a planned distraction away from the Justice League investigation.

In a tweet, Fisher claims the announcement was supposed to come at the recent DC FanDome virtual convention.

“Unfortunately, the fake Frosty news with Jason wasn’t the only PR tactic used to distract from the seriousness of the JL situation. Ben returning as Batman was clearly meant to be revealed at DC Fandome. I’ll give you one guess as to why @wbpictures likely jumped the gun. A>E,” tweeted Fisher.

Fisher included in his tweet screengrabs of his tweet announcing the Justice League investigation and the announcement of Ben Affleck returning as Batman in The Flash, which happend on the same day, Aug. 20, and was less than ninety minutes apart.

Ben Affleck Batman Ray Fisher Cyborg

Ray Fisher alleges Justice League problems

While Ben Affleck hasn’t come forward like Jason Momoa, Affleck did reveal he left the Batman role because all the problems were going to make him drink again, with rumors offering Geoff Johns is the real reason why Affleck left the Batman role.

Ray Fisher has said that in addition to Johns, who allegedly threatened his career and gloated about casting a new Cyborg, that Justice League director Joss Whedon and producer Jon Berg caused problems.

In his latest video posted to Instagram, Fisher again says that head of DC films Walter Hamada threw both Whedon and Berg under the bus, with Fisher also alleging that Hamada called Whedon an “a–hole.”