‘Batwoman’ Ratings: All-Time Low With Woke Storyline


The Batwoman ratings once again fall to an all-time low with Sunday’s episode titled “Rule #1” which featured another woke storyline.

Sunday’s preliminary numbers offer Batwoman was only watched by 440k viewers, a new series low, and had a 0.1 rating.

Fans continue to turn off Batwoman in droves as the Season 2 premiere had 660k viewers while the Season 1 premiere had 1.86 million viewers.

It’s no wonder fans have stopped watching the series as the episode featured a woke story about “advocating against an over-funded police department and fighting for more funding toward community services” as “ACAB doesn’t stand for ‘All Cops Are Bastards’ in the CWverse, but rather ‘All Crows Are Bastards.’” However, as pointed out by the AV Club, “the sentiment is still similar.”

While The CW has given Batwoman an “early renewal,” I’m guessing the announcement was just a PR move in an attempt to trick viewers into thinking Batwoman is relevant, when it’s not. I can’t see how the show can continue with such a dismal amount of viewers; shows with similar numbers on The CW have already been canceled (i.e. Black Lightning).

It should also be said the Batwoman ratings are tanking even though the series has brought back the Kate Kane character, but then again, it’s obviously a character no one cares anything about. We can also add that using Batman villain the Black Mask isn’t helping, either, much the same how it didn’t help while using the character in the Birds of Prey movie that also failed big time.

While Batwoman tanks, two new shows on The CW are having stellar ratings, as millions of fans are tuning in for Superman & Lois on Tuesdays and Walker on Thursdays.

Batwoman Javicia Leslie
Batwoman Javicia Leslie

Batwoman ratings:

Updated with the ratings for Seasons 1-3, and the series has also been canceled.

Season 1:

Episode 1: 1.86m – Pilot

Episode 2: 1.45m

Episode 3: 1.22m

Episode 4: 1.29m

Episode 5: 1.16m

Episode 6: 1.09m

Episode 7: 1.01m

Episode 8: 1.01m

Episode 9: 1.71m (Crisis tie-in followed by a month-and-a-half break)

Episode 10: 790k

Episode 11: 670k

Episode 12: 850k

Episode 13: 820k

Episode 14: 750k

Episode 15: 750k

Episode 16: 770k

Episode 17: 630k

Episode 18: 640k

Episode 19: 700k

Episode 20: 740k

Season 2:

Episode 1: 660k – premiere

Episode 2: 620k

Episode 3: 708k

Episode 4: 509k

Episode 5: 493k

Episode 6: 460k

Episode 7: 550k

Episode 8: 540k

Episode 9: 440k

Episode 10: 480k

Episode 11: 560;

Episode 12: 430k

Episode 13: 400k

Episode 14: 350k

Episode 15: 430k

Episode 16: 430k

Episode 17: 450k

Episode 18: 410k

Season 3:

Episode 1: 470k – premiere

Episode 2: 490k

Episode 3: 420k

Episode 4: 520k

Episode 5: 370k

Episode 6: 410k

Episode 7: 460k

Episode 8: 520k

Episode 9: 440k

Episode 10: 480k

Episode 11: 540k

Episode 12: 410k

Episode 13: 420k