‘Superman & Lois’ In Danger Of Cancellation At The CW

Big changes come to The CW network following Nexstar Media Group taking things over.

Big changes come to The CW network following Nexstar Media Group taking things over.

'Superman & Lois' In Danger Of Cancellation At The CW

Superman & Lois is in danger of cancellation at The CW which follows the network getting sold off to Nexstar Media Group.

Following Nexstar letting go of the president of The CW after eleven years, the following day Nexstar named Brad Schwartz as the new president of the network.

In an interview with THR, the site questioned Schwartz, “DC Comics has a broad audience — look no further than the box office for Black Adam — will DC be part of that bigger, broader strategy?”

In what doesn’t sound like a good sign, Schwarz replied, “I don’t know yet.”

The CW Arrowverse

DC Arrowverse shows canceled at The CW

Already canceled at The CW includes every DC show except for the new Gotham Knight series but that could be a one-and-done, too, and Superman & Lois which returns mid-season with Season 3.

The Flash will end with Season 9, all the Arrowverse shows have been canceled, and Stargirl has recently been canceled (Superman & Lois is not a part of the Arrowverse).

Gotham Knights The CW

The CW not ordering new episodes or season renewals

Yesterday also saw the news that The CW will not be ordering additional episodes of Walker: Independence, and The Winchesters, or any of its new shows which would include Gotham Knights.

Typically what happens if a new series is well-received on the network, The CW will order additional episodes for that Season.

Back in early 2021, following the Walker premiere, The CW ordered an additional five episodes to bring the total to eighteen; following the Superman & Lois premiere, The CW ordered two more episodes to bring the total to fifteen.

Now the new shows, Walker: Independence and The Winchesters, won’t have any additional episodes ordered for their first seasons and will stick with thirteen episodes.

What is particularly alarming is that The Winchesters is The CW’s most-watched debut this season but still isn’t getting additional episodes.

Deadline also adds they hear that is going to apply to all the new shows on The CW, so that would also include Gotham Knights.

Deadline also says no decisions are being made about any of the new shows getting a Season 2 renewal as well, but it is mentioned that doesn’t mean they will get canceled (under the previous regime, The CW would often announce early renewals).

According to the reports, the reason for all the cuts is to cut back on costs.

Superman & Lois The CW
Superman & Lois The CW

Superman & Lois fate could be up to James Gunn and Henry Cavill

Superman & Lois is a great show so it’s definitely a bummer to hear that there is the possibility it could get canceled.

Tyler Hoechlin makes a great Man of Steel and the series gets good ratings, so hopefully, if The CW doesn’t want it anymore, WB will shop it around.

What also could be a factor in whether or not Superman & Lois lives or dies is that James Gunn is now in charge of the DCU, which is said to include television.

Henry Cavill also recently returned to the Superman role so we will have to see if WB and Gunn are going to let two Superman versions exist at the same time.

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