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Batman vs. Superman: New Doomsday Concept Art

Matt McGloin Posted: 04/04/2017 - 01:27 COMMENT

A new piece of Doomsday concept art has surfaced online for Batman vs. Supermanwhich almost resembles Killer Shark more than the Superman-killing Kryptonian back-breaking monster from the comics.

Lots of Batman vs Superman Doomsday concept art was created for Doomsday, which must mean they gave a lot of the artists free rein to come up with their vison of Doomsday, either that or the artists were specifically told not to do the look of the comic book version, which IMO is much better than what we got with the disappointing version of the movie.

Check out the new Doomsday art below as well as some past art released. Which is your favorite?

For a reference, here is an image of Doomsday from the comic and the movie:

Image result for cosmicbooknews doomsday concept art

Doomsday concept art: