Avengers: Secret Wars: Beyonder Rumored As Villain: Ryan Gosling?

Lot of rumors following Jonathan Majors getting fired and it said Marvel is moving away from the use of Kang.

Avengers: Secret Wars: Beyonder Rumored As Villain: Ryan Gosling?

It’s claimed that the villain of Avengers: Secret Wars will be the Beyonder, which makes sense if you are familiar with the comics.

It could also be possible the rumors surrounding Ryan Gosling being in talks with Marvel could actually be the Beyonder and maybe not Doctor Doom.

All these rumors are surfacing as a result of Jonathan Majors getting fired by Marvel, with it claimed Marvel is moving on from Kang and will be using a different villain.

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New MCU villain?

The latest rumor comes from the MyTimeToShineHello Twitter account which I believe is likely run by Disney PR along with its sister account CanWeGetSomeToast. I believe they’re playing “good cop bad cop” and are trying to shape the public image when it comes to Marvel and at the same time get reactions from fans because Feige and Marvel don’t have a clue right now. Regardless, of who they are, they are revealing a ton of info.

“Beyonder is still the main villain for Secret Wars that will be their excuse to recast Kang,” tweeted the account on Christmas.

Again, since Quantumania failed big time (per the MCU book, Marvel thought it would be a huge hit with fans and big success, hence not having a clue) and Jonathan Majors is out, it’s likely Marvel will be going with a new villain.

The rumor above actually says Kang will be recast, which is the same as another recent rumor, but that seems a big stretch. John Boyega is already laughing about it so it’s questioned who will want the role with so much baggage.

Again, these rumors could be Marvel trying to get feedback from fans, so if the fan reaction says recasting Kang is a joke, Kang won’t be recast. That’s my guess.

So with Kang out as the MCU’s villain, that means Marvel can go with Beyonder and Doctor Doom, again, straight out of the comics. Marvel needs to adapt the comics, not throw the comics and everything that comes with them, namely the fans, in the garbage.

It’s also claimed with Kang out that Avengers: The Kang Dynasty is getting axed in favor of retooling into an Avengers 5 with Avengers: Secret Wars Part 1 and Part 2.

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