Ryan Gosling Met With Marvel: Doctor Doom?

Rumors return following Marvel firing Jonathan Majors.

Rumors return following Marvel firing Jonathan Majors.

Ryan Gosling Met With Marvel: Doctor Doom?

It’s again said that Ryan Gosling has met with Marvel, which follows those earlier rumors that said he might be up to play Doctor Doom.

What’s interesting is the timing as yesterday saw Marvel fire Jonathan Majors as Kang. Prior to that, a report said Marvel was considering moving away from Kang in favor of Doctor Doom.

Now those Ryan Gosling Marvel rumors return. Coincidence?

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All hail, Doom!

The latest rumor comes via Daniel RPK who doesn’t offer much only that Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios recently met with Ryan Gosling for a potential role in the MCU.

It’s also been said that Victor has a small role in the Fantastic Four movie and appears at the end.

As I went over yesterday while discussing how Kang Dynasty is now Avengers 5, maybe Marvel has been withholding the big Fantastic Four casting announcement because of the Jonathan Majors trial. If they are moving away from Kang to Doctor Doom, now they can officially announce it. FF also has a new writer, so maybe that means adding more Victor Von Doom leading to Avengers: Secret Wars.

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Who should Ryan Gosling play in the MCU?

The Ryan Gosling Doctor Doom rumor originated back in September via Jeff Sneider on The Hot Mic.

Back then, Sneider actually said that he ddidn’t believe Kang the Conqueror was going to be the next big Marvel villain explaining he didn’t believe Kang was a Thanos-level villain. So we see he was right. Who is the next big villain for the MCU? Why, it’s Doctor Doom, according to what Sneider said back then.

“Doctor Doom is obviously the next Thanos,” Sneider said. “They want to say it’s Kang but it’s not. I mean Kang is going to be like the min-boss. He’s not a Thanos-level foe nor do I think Jonathan Majors is a Thanos-level villain. So I think it’s all about Doctor Doom.”

Sneider continued with a tease that Doctor Doom could be played by a certain actor who was spotted rollerblading around wearing neon, which of course is a reference to Ryan Gosling in Barbie.

“Do you want to hear my theory on who is going to be Doctor Doom?” said Sneider. “Here is my theory. This is not news. I don’t want to impose this as news. I don’t want it aggregated as news. I think that your Doctor Doom has been skating around California in neon outfits.”

Sneider continued, “I can see him doing a superhero movie. Now we’re talking Marvel or DC. I think he would do Marvel for obvious reasons, and I don’t think Ryan Gosling loves being the hero. He has a darkness about him. We know this. I think they would be very lucky to have him. And I think that is my prediction, Ryan Gosling will be Doctor Doom.”

If Ryan Gosling doesn’t play Doctor Doom, who then? How about Richard Rider Nova in an adaptation of Annihilation which has already been set up via the start of Infinity War where they filmed 45 minutes of footage they didn’t use? LFG!

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