Avengers: Endgames Rips Off Batman vs Superman?


A few days ago I wrote an article how The Avengers: Endgame is Marvel’s Batman vs. Superman, and while I wasn’t necessarily talking about the specific footage, it turns out I wasn’t too far off as users on social media have been pointing out that scenes in the third act of Endgame are very similar to BvS.

A YouTuber went so far and put together a side-by-side video with the evidence, which a user on Twitter first posted. Watch below.

Regarding whether or not the Russos actually copied Snyder’s vision from Batman vs. Superman is in question, but the following video offers a good argument in that while a shot or two could be a coincidence, there appear to be too many similarities so it must be intentional. Examples given include Wonder Woman taking on Doomsday compared to Captain Marvel versus Thanos, Superman’s death scene compared to Iron Man, the funeral scene, Bruce Wayne and Nick Fury, and Bruce Wayne and Diana compared to Clint speaking to Scarlet Witch, with some of the dialogue potentially the same.   

Check out the video below for yourself with the shot-for-shot comparisons from Batman Vs. Superman and The Avengers: Endgame (spoiler warning) and let us know in the comments what you think. Interestingly enough, Marvel also greenlit Captain America: Civil War as a direct result of DC announcing Batman vs. Superman, so there is at least some sort of follow-the-leader going on. Batman vs. Superman was also blamed for the lower box office opening of Civil War as well (Russos’ original ideas can be found here).

Batman vs Superman

Batman vs Superman