The Avengers Gets Reimagined As ’90s Actors AI Art

What is crazy is that with the tech currently available, this movie could actually be made!

The Avengers Gets Reimagined As '90s Actors AI Art

Check out a cool look at The Avengers reimagined as ’90s actors via AI art from the Midjourney Discord server including Tom Cruise as Iron Man, Brad Pitt as Thor, Arnold Schwarzenegger as Hulk, and more.

AI-created art is becoming all the rage these days as it keeps getting better and better and can be created at lightning speeds.

I actually have used Midjourney to whip up some quick AI art for Chris Pratt as Booster Gold and Steven Yeun as The Sentry.

What’s crazy is with the technology they have available if they wanted to, they could probably do a movie with this version of The Avengers using artificial intelligence and deep fakes. I’m guessing what they have been releasing is only the tip of the iceberg and the AI technology that hasn’t been revealed is light-years ahead (ChatGPTis is insane! Is it a precursor to Skynet?!).

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As we see, the AI art isn’t perfect as the Star-Lord and Loki versions could be better, but there is no doubt the technology is going places.

The art comes via Reddit and Instagram where as noted, it would have been cool to see Leonardo DiCaprio as Spider-Man, so maybe someone can whip that up for us real quick.

The art also reminds me of that Avengers “Made in the 90s” meme poster that went viral years ago. See below.

Tom Cruise has actually been rumored as Iron Man as part of the MCU’s Multiverse story, so who knows? Maybe some of these will pop up in Avengers: Secret Wars.

avengers 90s poster meme

The Avengers as ’90s actors:

  • Tom Cruise as Iron Man
  • Brad Pitt as Thor
  • Bruce Willis as Captain America
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger as Hulk
  • Milla Jovovich as Black Widow
  • Michael J. Fox as Hawkeye
  • Will Smith as Black Panther
  • Jude Law as Jarvis
  • Brendan Fraser as Star-Lord
  • Jim Carrey as Loki