‘Armor Wars’ Becomes ‘Iron Man’ 4: Now A Movie

Big moves for Don Cheadle and War Machine as the project will now become a film released theatrically.

Big moves for Don Cheadle and War Machine as the project will now become a film released theatrically.

‘Armor Wars’ Becomes ‘Iron Man’ 4: Now A Movie

Armor Wars will now be released as a movie instead of a Disney Plus series which sounds like “Iron Man 4.”

The news makes sense as recall Armor Wars was absent for some reason from Kevin Feige’s Comic-Con Multiverse Saga announcements but did make its way to the recent D23 Expo with a new logo.

“What happens if Tony Stark’s tech falls into the wrong hands?” questioned the project at D23.

The details come from THR where it’s said the change to a movie will push Armor Wars back down the development state.

According to the report, Marvel was committed to getting the story right and realized in the process that going the movie route for Armor Wars is better than releasing the project as a Disney Plus series.

It’s also noted Marvel intends to release Armor Wars theatrically.

I actually wouldn’t doubt if Armor Wars essentially becomes “Iron Man 4” minus Robert Downey Jr. and I wouldn’t be surprised if the title is changed to “Iron Man: Armor Wars.”

Don Cheadle is still attached and will reprise as Colonel James “Rhodey” Rhodes, AKA War Machine.

Yassir Lester, who was the head writer on the series, is also said to be still on onboard as the writer.

The flick has no director as of yet and it is unknown when it will start filming or be released.

Don Cheadle will also appear in the Secret Invasion Disney Plus series next year which will likely lead into Armor Wars aka “Iron Man 4.”

Armor Wars
Armor Wars – new logo

Armor Wars or Iron Man 4? Will showcase multiple types of armor

“Armor Wars” is a title of a storyline in the Iron Man comics, a pretty epic one in that and one of my favorites, that sees various Iron Man villains using stolen Iron Man tech for their own suits of armor.

So obviously the movie will instead use War Machine as the one who recovers the stolen tech.

THR also adds the series was supposed to showcase multiple types of armor, which we can guess will make their way to the film.

A big bonus the Armor Wars movie now has it will have a much higher budget than the Disney Plus show that was going to be a six-episode event series.

Obviously, Disney isn’t providing much money to the Marvel shows judging by what the showrunner of She-Hulk had to say in regards to Disney/Marvel telling her to cut the use of She-Hulk because of the special effects in favor of using the human form of Jennifer Walters more to save money.

Iron Man 4 fan art
‘Iron Man’ 4 fan art

Why didn’t Iron Man 4 happen?

Regarding Iron Man 4 which didn’t happen, I can recall way back yonder that the reason the movie is said to never have happened is that Marvel at the time didn’t want to pay Robert Downey Jr. a lot of money as Robert Downey Jr. had a backend deal as part of his initial Iron Man contract that sees him get a cut of the grosses of the movies (RDJ was reportedly paid $75 million for Avengers: Endgame).

So we see fitting with Feige’s approach to Phase 4 and beyond, Don Cheadle replaces Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man, and don’t forget, Feige is also replacing Iron Man with the Riri Williams Ironheart.

Don Cheadle first appeared in Iron Man 2; the three Iron Man movies have grossed over $2 billion.

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