Armie Hammer Comes Off As Classless A-Hole Following Stan Lee’s Death


Armie Hammer is definitely not the hero we all deserve or need, and let’s be glad he hasn’t been cast as Green Lantern.

Following it learned yesterday that legendary creator Stan Lee had passed a way, a lot of fans and celebrities took to social media to mourn.

Fans and celebrities offered up their thoughts and experience about Stan Lee and posted pictures of themselves remembering the good times they shared with him.

I wrote an article remembering Stan Lee and posted pics of myself with him and the last image I photographed of him. 

Well, following Stan Lee’s death, Armie Hammer took to social media to post a really stupid f’n comment.

“So touched by all of the celebrities posting pictures of themselves with Stan Lee… no better way to commemorate an absolute legend than putting up a picture of yourself,” Hammer posted on Twitter.

Sure enough, the tweet caused a fury of responses.

Maybe that was Armie Hammer’s intention all along? To draw attention to himself?

Better yet, Hammer should have just kept quiet and let the fans and celebrities celebrate the life of Stan Lee in their own way.

But of course he couldn’t do that.

Say hi to Tonto from us, Armie.

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