Aquaman Over A Billion


A congratulations is in order for James Wan as his Aquaman movie has both reached and passed the magic billion dollar number at the box office, the first of the DCEU movies to do so.

Aquaman now has a current worldwide box office gross of a massive $1.02 billion and is the second-best DC movie trailing behind Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises ($1.0849 billion).

Its U.S. gross stands at almost $288 million, with its foreign gross coming in at a massive $732.4 million thanks to a huge haul in China with $287.3 million.

Box office stats for Aquaman include:

  • Best DCEU movie
  • Second-best DC film 
  • 5th best New Years Day movie (U.S.)
  • 6th best Christmas day movie (U.S.)
  • 6th best movie in the past 365 days (U.S.)
  • #8 comic book adaptation worldwide
  • 9th best opening weekend in December (U.S.)
  • 9th best superhero origin movie (U.S.)
  • 25th best comic book adaptation (U.S.)
  • 36th best all-time worldwide 

Current box office numbers:

Domestic: $287,861,781

Foreign: $732,400,000

Worldwide: $1,020,261,781

Aquaman joins the billion-dollar club at the box office which includes Avatar, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Infinity War, The Avengers, Age of Ultron, Black Panther, Iron Man 3, Civil War, The Dark Knight Rises, The Dark Knight and more. 

(numbers via Amazon)

Aquaman billion box office