Marvel’s The Annihilators: “Most powerful team ever assembled”


CBN fav favorite writer, Dan Abnett, commented on the newly announced Marvel Cosmic mini The Annihilators over at his blog the Primary Clonespot.

Apparently, Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning have been holding on to this little secret for some time as Dan writes, “…a project Andy and I have had to force ourselves to remain schtum about for, like, ages.”

Dan also states that The Annihilators, referred to by some as the Cosmic Avengers(!), might be the most powerful team – ever!

“…the most powerful Cosmic heroes in the Marvel cannon in one premier division team standing ready to protect and serve… the Universe. Safe to say this is probably the single most powerful team ever assembled.”

Dan goes on to mention various teams, including the Avengers and JLA, and asks if there is a super team that can even stand up to them! He then goes on to say with this being such a powerful team – “just imagine the threats Andy and I are dreaming up to make this star cast worthwhile.”

Wow! I hope Tom Brevoort and Dan DiDio read that one!

Be sure to head on over to Dan’s Blog for more including mention of the Guardians of the Galaxy and the Rocket & Groot story which is the second part in a double-sized issue of The Annihilators!

Regular readers of Cosmic Book News will know that I have been consistently saying that Quasar is, perhaps, the most powerful of all. Over at the Marvel Facebook page they asked that very question with a majority answering – the Silver Surfer! We know Wendell was forced to lose to the Sentinel of the Spaceways in the legendary Quasar #50 where Quasar saved the OmniVerse! Of course, this doesn’t leave out Gladiator who is as strong as he believes he is! Plus, what about everyone’s favorite Korbinite – Beta Ray Bill! Last, but definitely not least, do not fall under the jurisdiction of Ronan or be prepared to feel the weight of his gravel!

At the moment, the only weakness that I can see that The Annihilators have is magic! They lack a Doctor Strange or Adam Warlock. And what do DnA give us right off the bat – the Dire Wraiths!

This is going to be a good one for sure! Look to Cosmic Book News in the future for your source of news and info on The Annihilators – which hits this March!