Marvel’s Annihilators Assemble in Double Sized Issue! Rocket & Groot Second Story!


annihilatos assemble

On Wednesday, Marvel released a Devastation teaser featuring the last page from The Thanos Imperative #6.

Yesterday, we saw a first look.

Today announced this March from Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning and Tan Eng Huat (Silver Surfer: In Thy Name) that will see "the Silver Surfer, Beta-Ray Bill, Quasar, Gladiator and Ronan the Accuser band together to fill the void left by the loss of Nova and the Guardians of the Galaxy" in the four issue limited series, Annihilators.

DnA state this is the Cosmic Avengers that fans want to see, that, "…it’s all heavy hitters. It’s the ‘Cosmic Avengers’—as the fans called them—seen in Thanos Imperative. They’re probably the single most powerful Marvel team ever.”

The Annihilators will face the Dire Wraiths!

Awesome bad guys,” promises Abnett. “We are slightly redefining them, in as much as we have to in order to bring them back. Their new definition is all part of their new MO. They are not playing.”

Its also announced that Annihilators will also include a second story, Rocket and Groot, from DnA with art by Tim Green. This makes Annihilators a double sized-issue.

I believe, Rocket & Groot was previously thought to be it's own mini; however, solicits were never released leading fans to wonder to the status. The cover seen previously will be the variant cover to Annihilators #1.

Noticeably absent is any mention of Nova and Star-Lord who were lost in the battle against Thanos and the Cancerverse, in the recent Thanos Imperative, other than the Annihilators filling the void.

Updated: 11:53am Eastern:

Press Release

Marvel Unleashes The ANNIHILATORS!


The Silver Surfer! Beta-Ray Bill! Gladiator! Quasar! Ronan the Accuser! The greatest heroes of the cosmos join forces this March in the oversized Annihilators #1 (of 4)! Marvel’s space action masters Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning, along with Eisner Award winning artist Tan Eng Huat unveil the only team mighty enough to face the Dire Wraiths!With galactic civilization in disarray after The Thanos Imperative, the Annihilators must band together to prevent the sinister shape-shifting horde from destroying the universe itself. Innocent worlds teeter on the precipice of destruction…so it’s time for the best of the best to unite and unleash righteous justice!

“The Annihilators is the cosmic dream team…the biggest hitters forming the most powerful super-team in the known Universe!” said DnA. “Prepare to feel the Cosmos shake!”

Every issue of Annihilators features two full-length stories—that’s over 40 pages of all new content from your favorite Cosmic creators! In the second story, join DnA and artist Timothy Green II as they launch Rocket Raccoon and Groot on an adventure that’ll change their lives forever. In commemoration of this can’t-miss story, this issue also features a variant cover from legendary creator Mike Mignola!

Editor Bill Rosemann added “Take the assembled majesty of Marvel’s most powerful heroes, add on the cult-fave duo of Rocket Raccoon and Groot, pile on a ridiculous amount of writing and artistic talent, and top it all off with cool covers by Alex Garner and the one and only Mike Mignola. That, True Believers, is a recipe for face-melting, brain-frying, pedal-to-the-metal, that’s-why-I-read-comics awesomeness.”

This March you can’t miss Annihilators #1 (of 4)!





Variant Cover by MIKE MIGNOLA

Rated T+…$4.99