Ahsoka Finale Has Half The Audience Of Other Star Wars Shows

Samba TV reveals viewership numbers for the season finale.

Samba TV reveals viewership numbers for the season finale.

Ahsoka Finale Watched By Half Of Other Star Wars Shows

We get a further look into the ratings surrounding Ahsoka as it is learned the season finale has been watched by half the audience of other Star Wars shows, including The Book of Boba Fett and Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Already Samba TV revealed that Ahsoka is tied with Andor as the least-watched Star Wars show on Disney Plus, which is backed up by Nielsen’s ratings revealing a 50% drop.

Check out the numbers below.

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Is Samba TV legit?

There has been question about where the analytics company gets its numbers but it seems Samba TV has greater access than Nielsen’s claimed 40k households.

“With 48 million addressable TV devices globally powering massive end-to-end viewership data and a household identity graph, Samba TV is transforming the viewing experience for everyone,” states the site.

The site adds, “Samba TV is powered by the company’s wholly-owned full tech stack, which includes a multi-source television panel that is 100 times larger than legacy measurement systems. We provide the leading omniscreen advertising and measurement solution in the market today, making Samba TV the industry’s trusted source of truth.”

According to wiki, Samba TV also has raised over $40 million in capital from companies which include Disney:

The company has raised over $40 million in capital from Disney, Time Warner, August Capital, Interpublic Group, Liberty Global, Stagwell, A+E Networks as well as individuals like Mark Cuban, Kun Gao, founder of Crunchyroll, James Hong, founder of Hot or Not, Charles Huang, founder of Guitar Hero, angel investor Tom McInerney, and others

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Ahsoka season finale numbers

Samba TV has released numbers for the season finale which was watched by 863k households.

Worth pointing out is that Samba TV measured the views over the first six days, which is down from the 1.2 million that watched the premiere in the same timeframe.

“The finale of Ahsoka landed on Disney+ last week to 863k US households watching. Older millennials tuned in at the highest rate to watch whether Thrawn made it off Peridea,” stated Samba TV.

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What about comparing to Boba Fett?

For comparison, the season finale of The Book of Boba Fett was watched by a much larger audience of 1.6 million households.

What is alarming is that Boba Fett isn’t any good and is a lot worse than Ahsoka.

“1.9M US households watched The Book of Boba Fett premiere during its first week streaming, while 1.6M watched the finale. Viewership over-indexed for millennial and Gen Z audiences,” said Samba TV back in May of 2022.

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Obi-Wan obliterates Ahsoka

There is also no comparison to the Obi-Wan series.

Samba TV revealed the Obi-Wan season finale was watched by 1.8 million households in 5 days (again, Samba TV reported Ahsoka‘s number based on 6 days so obviously the number is less over 5 days).

“1.8M US households watched the season finale of Obi-Wan Kenobi on Disney+ in its first 5 days streaming. The west coast was particularly invested, with Seattle over-indexing the most of the top 25 DMAs (+46%), along with Sacramento (+22%) and Portland (+19%),” stated Samba TV in June of 2022.

the mandalorian season 3 finale

At least beats The Mandalorian Season 3

What about The Mandalorian Season 3 finale which also didn’t have a good season?

The good news for Ahsoka at least is that Samba TV reported The Mandalorian Season 3 finale was watched by 662k households, so that means more fans tuned in for Ahsoka.

However, it also shows fans tuned out The Mandalorian Season 3, again not a good sign, and also that Ahsoka wasn’t watched by a lot fans compared to Boba Fett and Obi-Wan.

So what that says is a lot of fans have stopped watching Star Wars on Disney+.

Samba TV didn’t release numbers for Andor.

mandalorian season 2 finale

What about Mando Season 2?

The Mandalorian Season 2 finale was watched by 1.1 million households, so again we see a big drop from the Mando Season 3 finale and the Ahoska finale.

“1.1M U.S. households and 100k U.K. households tuned in for The Mandalorian Season 2 finale,” posted the site. “For the season finale, Portland (+56%) and Seattle (+44%) over-indexed the most on viewership compared to the rest of the top 25 DMAs.”

What does Nielsen show?

Nielsen will continue to release its ratings, with the latest coming this Friday for Episode 5.

Nielsen revealed Ahsoka went from 829 millions of minutes watched with its first two episodes down to 459 minutes with Episode 4.

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