Advanced Review: Archer and Armstrong #1


The “Summer of Valiant” marches on — bringing fresh, creative ideas to their amazing 90’s properties. This week sees the debut of the fourth relaunched series, Archer and Armstrong, helmed by Fred Van Lente and Clayon Henry. Although they have big shoes to fill – the original was penned by the legendary Barry Windsor-Smith – they have crafted a fine book rich with action, humor and intrigue!

From ancient civilizations to modern day New York, Van Lente and Henry create a tale rife with excitement! It is a tale of two polar opposite men on a parallel course to save the world. One is naive of the ways of the “outside” world, having been raised by religious zealots in an amusement park, but has a keen sense of purpose and more than enough martial art skills to accompany him on his journey. While the other, a brazen drunkard, has had hundreds of years to acquire knowledge of the vast ways the world turns — just not enough drive to do anything about it! Old, young, seasoned and pure, it is formulaic of all good “buddy” stories — but is so much more!

Sprinkled with just enough social and political commentary as to not become preachy, Archer and Armstrong is an amalgam of everything readers want in a book. Stunning action sequences, well crafted characters that we can empathize with, an enigma that drives the characters to become better than they are and above all else — excitement! You are instantly hooked by Van Lente and Henry’s tale, a feat not easily done these days! Some may say that it pales in comparison to the original, but for me — it is a thrill ride that stands well on its own! 

Since it is already headed for a second printing, be sure to be the first in line at your favorite shop to get your copy! You don’t want to miss out on, not only a great tale, but a sneak peak of X-O Manowar #5, too! Can anyone say Ninjak? Awesome!

Be bold, be noble — be Valiant!