Zack Snyder Would End His Superhero Movies With Dark Knight Returns

Fans are hoping Netflix will get the rights to the DC characters.

Zack Snyder Would End His Superhero Movies With Dark Knight Returns

While promoting the release of Rebel Moon, Zack Snyder further opens up about wanting to director Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns Batman story from the comics.

Snyder previously said he would consider returning to DC to adapt “a true representation of the graphic novel,” and now says the story his is favorite comic book of all time.

batman dark knight returns frank miller

Zack’s favorite comic book of all time

“If you look at Watchmen where Alan [Moore] took like basically iconographic characters that you could superimpose over a lot of, you know if Night Owl is Batman and Doctor Manhattan has Superman-ish qualities, you can make all these different sorts of archetypical hero analysis over the top of those heroes,” he said.

Snyder continued, “The thing about Dark Knight Returns is it is literally Batman and Superman and Wonder Woman and the deconstruction is so obvious and so palpable. For me, it was like comics grew up in a single moment. When I read that book I was completely laid bare, everything I thought about superheroes. For me, it’s the greatest comic book ever written. If I could do that then I will have done Watchmen and Dark Knight Returns and I would be pretty much done with superheroes.”

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Maybe Netflix will buy the DC rights?

Fans have been chattering about Netflix getting the rights to DC and continuing with Zack Snyder, which is something both Snyder and Netflix touched upon, so who knows? Recently saw it reported WBD could be facing bankruptcy and there are claims of a potential sale, so maybe if Rebel Moon does well, Netflix will look at DC.

Rebel Moon is available on Netflix starting Thurs. Dec. 21.

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