Zack Snyder Announces Man of Steel 2 At Comic-Con With Batman Superman



At the Legendary/Warner Bros. booth at Comic-Con, Man of Steel director Zack Snyder just stepped on to the stage.

It’s been rumored that a Batman Reboot, a Batman/Superman movie, The Flash and Justice League films are to be announced.

Well, Zack Snyder announces that there will be a Man of Steel 2.

Snyder says there is one thing that he can reveal, and that is…

Then Harry Lennix is here because his voice sounds better for the announcement.

It’s Batman/Superman!

“I want you to remember Clark,” Lennix says, “In all the years to come. In all your private moments. In all the years to come, my hand at your throat. I want you to remember, the one man who beat you.”

Then the Batman/Superman logo is shown which is the Man of Steel glyph with a Batman symbol behind it.

That’s it!

Update: The quote above is from Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns graphic novel. Snyder also said, “We’re not adapting this thing, but it is the thing that will help us tell that story.”

Update #2: Warner Bros. released an official statement about the movie confirming a new Batman as well as the involvement of Christopher Nolan.

Update #3: Audio of the announcement with Zack Snyder and Harry Lennix is now online.

Here is the logo that was revealed: