Listen To Zack Snyder & Harry Lennix Announce Batman Superman Movie At Comic-Con (Audio)



Below you can listen to the recent announcement that took place at the Warner Bros. panel at Comic-Con with director Zack Snyder announcing the Man of Steel 2 Batman/Superman movie.

The panel is all but done with the QnA having wrapped when Zack Snyder is introduced to the roar of the crowd.

He thanks everybody for their support and announces to everybody amidst all the speculation that, yes, they are going to make another Superman movie.

Snyder says he has something to reveal about the movie and looked for a way to tell it so he poured through the DC Universe.

He came across the thing that he felt incorporated and summed it up, so he has a friend with Harry Lennix whose voice is just way better.

Check it out below.

Note: The video shows the logo throughout the entire audio, but the logo isn’t shown until the end and you can hear the audience’s reaction to that.

WB also released an official statement revealing that the movie will feature a new Batman with Christopher Nolan involved.