Shazam! Role Saved Zachary Levi


Zachary Levi takes to social media to pen a heartfelt post about getting the Shazam! role, something that he first turned down when offered the opportunity.

Levi notes he was in a dark place in his life at the time as he felt like he was failing and didn’t deserve the role.

He continues with the mention that with therapy and with continuing his journey about self-love that he was able to conquer his doubts and fears.

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WB also recently gave Shazam! 2 the green light which will see Zachary Levi return as the titular superhero that will get released on April 1, 2022.

Zachary Levi on getting Shazam! role:

This last year has been fascinating. The last few, actually. Two years ago today I was moving to Toronto, for the 4th time 3 years, to begin working on @shazammovie, one of the single greatest gifts I’ve ever been handed. Ironically, just 4 months prior, I wasn’t even sure if I wanted to live anymore. My goals, and visions, and hopes, and dreams, and therefore expectations for myself, have always been a lot. So much so that when I surveyed my life a few years back, I genuinely felt like I was failing it. Failing myself. Failing my family. Failing the world. I didn’t feel worthy of the love that was around me. I didn’t feel worthy of any of the things I had achieved up to that point. And, when presented with an opportunity to audition for Shazam! the first time, I turned down the opportunity as I ultimately didn’t feel worthy of such a role. Then came therapy. Then came the beginning of finally loving myself. And THEN came the miracle that was me stepping into this life changing role. I will no doubt be on the journey of self love for the rest of life, and I’m so grateful for the lessons and strength found thru the darkness. But I will also be forever indebted to @ponysmasher, Peter Safran, @rbpix, and everyone at @newlinecinema and @wbpictures and @dccomics, for believing I was worthy of wearing this cape, even while I was still learning to believe that myself. (Thank you, @jimlee, for this incredible artwork. You’ve always been one of my favorite comic artists. And now you’re my friend. )

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