Zac Efron Responds To Marvel Rumors

Jimmy Fallon questions the actor about playing Wolverine and the rumors about the MCU.

Zac Efron Responds To Marvel Rumors

Zac Efron responds to Marvel rumors while recently appearing on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

A while back saw it rumored that Marvel was looking for a “Zac Efron type” for a certain role, which may have been for Moon Knight, Adam Warlock, or another character, even Wolverine or Nova.

The 34-year-old actor is currently starring in his own show on Netflix, Down to Earth with Zac Efron, where “he goes to the most interesting places to talk with the most unique people.”

Fallon brought up the rumor that Marvel is looking for a “Zac Efron type.”

“Really. Wow,” responded the actor. “They could just call me.”

Fallon asked him if he has ever been approached by Marvel and said there has been a rumor he was going to be Wolverine at one point.

“I think Hugh is still doing that pretty well. I got to give it to Hugh,” Efron said, which references the recent confirmation that Hugh Jackman will be back as Wolverine for Deadpool 3.

Fallon says that Efron knows Hugh as they were in the Greatest Showman.

“Yeah, you’re right. That was a different movie, a musical,” Efron replied.

Fallon said Jackman will let you do it which saw Efron laugh and say, “Okay.”

“I guess I have my foot in the door on that one. I should go talk to him,” Efron said.

Fallon also joked he can give Efron his beard for Wolverine which saw Efron clap and reply, “Yeah, I’ll get a beard like yours. If it happens…”

James Gunn actually shot down the Guardians of the Galaxy 3 Adam Warlock rumor.

Regarding Zack Efron playing Wolverine, Boss Logic whipped MCU fans up into a frenzy when he created fan art of the actor a few years ago. Check it out below.

Zac Efron Responds to Marvel Looking to Cast a "Zac Efron Type" | The Tonight Show
Zac Efron Responds to Marvel Looking to Cast a “Zac Efron Type” | The Tonight Show

Zac Efron Wolverine fan art:

Zac Efron Wolverine Fan Art
Zac Efron Wolverine Fan Art

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