Zac Effron Green Lantern Fan Art


Following the Zac Effron Green Lantern rumor from yesterday, now check out cool fan art, which might help you convince the actor is right for the role.

The rumor has it that Zac Effron is being looked at for a role in the upcoming Green Lantern Corps movie, with it thought to be either for Hal Jordan or Kyle Rayner.

It’s all speculation, but a leaked Green Lantern Corps production sheet offered that originally Warner Bros. was looking at an older actor to play the part of Hal Jordan (rumored Tom Cruise) who would mentor a younger John Stewart.

With the rumor now of Zac Effron possibly up to play Green Lantern Hal Jordan, it’s guessed that the script has been changed to use a younger actor. Geoff Johns is reimagining Green Lantern, and he said to look at his comic book run for clues, so possibly Hal Jordan and John Stewart could be around the same age, and the Green Lantern Corps movie could be some sort of buddy space cop flick.

Another rumor has it the reason Green Lantern wasn’t around for Man of Steel, Batman vs. Superman and Justice League is that Hal Jordan is stranded in deep space and lost his ring. It’s unknown if that rumor will stick or if Geoff Johns will be going a full origin route for the Green Lantern Corps movie. The rumor also mentioned that Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz could be involved.

What do you think of Zac Effron possibly playing Green Lantern? I’m not ruling it out. He definitely has the looks, it just remains to be seen if he has the acting chops for the gig. Ryan Reynolds last played Green Lantern in the 2011 movie that didn’t perform up to expectations, so hopefully, Johns and WB can work things out this time.  

Check out the Zac Effron Green Lantern fan art via Boss Logic:

Zac Effron Green Lantern

A Redditor also put together the following fan art of Zac Effron as Green Lantern Kyle Rayner:

Zac Effron Green Lantern Kyle Rayner