Young Avengers Again Rumored With Iman Vellani, Hailee Steinfeld

Who is the audience that is supposed to watch this?

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Rumors are again swirling that Disney and Marvel Studios are moving forward with the Young Avengers and it’s said to star Iman Vellani and Hailee Steinfeld.

According to scooper MyTimeToShine, it’s happening, but what is interesting if Young Avengers actually happens is that a recent report offers Gen Z, who Young Avengers is presumably aimed at, has no interest in Marvel or Disney+. So who is the audience?

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Fan art

Both massive busts

We can also add Iman Vellani starred as Ms. Marvel in the worst-performing superhero movie of all time, The Marvels, which is confirmed to have lost Disney more than $200 million and is the biggest loss of 2023.

Iman Vellani also starred in Ms. Marvel, which is the least-watched MCU show on Disney+ and has the worst ratings. We can go on and on about the canceled comics, video games, etc.

Hailee Steinfeld also starred in the Hawkeye series which is at the bottom of the Marvel ratings pile on Disney+. It’s known 200k Marvel fans stopped watching the two-episode premiere as fans turned off the second episode.

Both Iman Vellani and Hailee Steinfeld were also featured in the post-credit scene in The Marvels, something obviously meant to set up the Young Avengers (where Vellani cringingly and desperately tries to play the Nick Fury role), but again, who is going to actually watch this?

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Fan art

Teen team of diverse and LGQBT+ actors and characters

It’s thought possibly making up the MCU’s New Avengers includes an assembled Marvel teen team of diverse and LGQBT+ actors and characters.

Possible inclusions could be: Doctor Strange 2’s Xochitl Gomez as America Chavez; possibly Billy and Tommy from the WandaVision series; Dominique Thorne as Riri Williams and Ironheart; Elijah Bradley aka Patriot is rumored, and then there is Cassie Lang from the Ant-Man movies, played by Kathryn Newton, who might actually be DCU bound.

(Worth a mention is by the time Young Avengers gets released, they’ll probably be the same age as the actors in the first Avengers)

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