Dear Iman Vellani: Nobody Wants Young Avengers, Wolverine Team-Up, Fake Nova

The actress is doing her best to promote The Marvels but it's just more cringe.

The actress is doing her best to promote The Marvels but it's just more cringe.

Dear Iman Vellani: Nobody Wants Young Avengers, Wolverine Team-Up, Fake Nova

Iman Vellani has been making the rounds participating in interviews for The Marvels (is she the only one?) and just like her character, Ms. Marvel, she’s coming off as super cringe.

The Marvels is the worst superhero movie of all time at the box office and the flick teases the formation of the MCU’s version of the Young Avengers.

The end-credit scene features Iman Vellani putting together a group of Young Avengers with Hailee Steinfeld’s Kate Bishop Hawkeye. It’s a rip-off of the Iron Man post-credit scene where Nick Fury approaches Tony Stark about The Avengers, and it comes off as down-right insulting.

So as Iman Vellani has been making the rounds, and I have to at least give her credit, because she is trying to make the best of a toilet bowl situation, but she has been saying various things, which comes off as even more cringe.

samuel l jackson nick fury the marvels

Ms. Marvel is Captain America and Nick Fury?

Speaking with Yahoo, she says she looks at her character as a combination of Captain America and Nick Fury.

“In my head, she’s going to be Captain America mixed with Nick Fury,” Vellani said about Ms. Marvel being the leader of the Young Avengers. “She’ll know what’s on the roster for the day, but is also a natural born leader. It would be such a natural progression for her character to lead a team.”

As I went over earlier on Twitter (see below), are you freaking kidding me? Ms. Marvel Kamala Khan is Captain America and Nick Fury? Kamala Khan is a 15-year-old girl who knows a lot about nothing. Cap and Nick Fury are veterans who have been involved in wars, been involved with covert activities, sacrificed things, have suffered, and have actually been trained.

Kamala Khan? Her biggest worry is remembering to put back her favorite color Crayola Crayon while drawing pictures of Carol Danvers.

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People love the Young Avengers?

Then while talking with Nerdist, she says people really love the characters.

“People really love these Young Avengers, but I don’t even know if they actually read those comics—not that they’re bad,” she said. “The chemistry between Kamala, Miles [Morales], and Sam [Alexander], it’s too good. I would love to see that trio in the MCU. Neither of those characters exist yet in live-action, but I’m praying for it. Yeah. I love Sam Alexander. One of their first interactions that they had. Also when Sam tried to reveal his identity and Kamala was like, ‘Get away from me.’ I love it.'”

I laughed out loud at that. Aside from the stans that try to validate their existence on all the Marvel shill subs on Reddit, no one loves the Young Avengers.

She is right, no one reads or buys the comics as both her character and the fake Nova have never sold well, yet for some reason, Marvel Comics continues to push them on the fans. Iman Vellani even said she hopes fans start a petition to get the Young Avengers in the MCU. What’s that say?

Fans love them? Fans despise them. The characters were never organically introduced in the comics, they all replaced original characters that have been around for decades and have been forced on the fans. And they replaced the work of LEGENDARY creators that fans love.

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Wolverine team-up?

Speaking about being pushed on the fans, much like The Marvels does with the post-credit scene as well as making Kamala Khan the MCU’s first mutant (barf), the comics are also so desperate that they pair these characters no one likes with the popular characters, such as Wolverine.

“Wolverine. Wolverine any day,” she said when asked what member of the X-Men would she like Kamala to meet first. “Personally, Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine is one of my favorite characters ever, but also her first mentor in the comics was Wolverine. I wanted to bring Wolverine back into this one. Hopefully, we can do that in the future. I think their interactions are so sweet and she brings out a different side of Logan and I love it when she just has all these superhero parents. It’s wonderful. He’s very protective over her and I think he’s also very real with her. He doesn’t sugarcoat anything and I think Kamala needs just a reality check sometimes.”

Again, the only reason the comics have paired Ms. Marvel with Wolverine is a desperate attempt to sell the characters to the fans, but it hasn’t been working.

Not only is The Marvels the worst-performing superhero movie of all time, but the Disney+ show is also the least-watched. The recent Avengers video game starring Ms. Marvel also completely failed, and the comics have never taken off.

The message is loud and clear and fans have voted with their wallets: We don’t like these characters. We don’t want these characters. Stop replacing our favorite characters.

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