X-Men Shows Rumored For Disney Plus


It’s rumored that Disney is considering creating X-Men live-action and animated shows for its streaming service.

A couple of days ago saw that piece of artwork surface on the Disney Plus shows that resembles the ’90s X-Men animated series which led to talk amongst fans of a potential revival or sequel.

Now, according to YouTuber Grace Randolph, Disney is actually considering making solo X-Men live-action shows and a new animated series for the characters.

“Once again, I heard some rumblings,” Randolph says. “So once again, I did some of my own digging. And once again I hit paydirt with my sources telling me that Disney is actually considering making solo live-action X-Men shows for Disney Plus.”

Randolph added to not expect any of the live-action X-Men shows to be announced anytime soon because of what is going on with the coronavirus, and she said that maybe Disney will do a new X-Men animated series, as apparently the ’90s X-Men animated series on Disney Plus is getting a ton of views, which led to the creation of those new X-Men avatars (pictured below).

The live-action X-Men shows Disney may be considering could use one character, or possibly two (such as Gambit and Rogue), which would enable the series to be on the cheaper side of things, as a team-up movie or series would be costly due to featuring the different powers for all the characters.  

Randolph noted the other Disney Plus shows are further along, but again, they are delayed because of the coronavirus, which includes the Marvel series, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, WandaVision and Loki, so don’t expect X-Men announcements soon.

Kevin Feige previously said the characters are a few years away.

Randolph went on to state that she hoped the X-Men would be used in the MCU on the big screen, but that it appears the X-Men will be used on Disney Plus, similar to how The Defenders aired on Netflix and was a subset of The Avengers, potentially meaning the X-Men might not be that connected to the MCU, but obviously, we’ll have to wait and see how things turn out. 

While not touched upon, it’s highly likely that Disney, Feige and Marvel will be recasting the X-Men characters, though there has been rumor of Hugh Jackman returning as Wolverine.

Disney Plus X-Men art:

X-Men animated series Disney Plus