X-Men Dark Phoenix Rumors Land Online

X-Men: Dark Phoenix Rumors

A batch of X-Men: Dark Phoenix rumors have landed online, which is said to be from a test screening held in February. The details are said to be in response to somebody else spreading false info about the movie (the same person that falsely said Deadpool 2 was bad).

Now bear in mind things could have changed as it’s been reported X-Men: Dark Phoenix underwent major reshoots.

X-Men Dark Phoenix has a February 14, 2019 release written and directed by Simon Kinberg.

Warning: Possible MAJOR SPOILERS follow.

X-Men Dark Phoenix

X-Men Dark Phoenix Rumors

• The x-men don’t go into space in the third act and the word “skrull” was not said once at all in the film

• I want to make sure that this is clear – I am talking about the cut of the movie I saw. Things could still get tweaked here and there. But I do believe some things won’t change. What can’t change is the movie being really underwhelming. Really lower your expectations because this one is not good. Mystique dies. They repeat moments from X3 I kid you not.

• They repeat the moment between jean and Cyclops “take off the glasses and kiss me I can control your eyes”; We see Charles pick up jean as a child again; jean almost kills Charles again by levitating him and dissolving him

• Magneto does become an opposing force again and faces off with Charles’ team. It’s funny because before their fight begins and Charles is trying to talk him out of it magneto goes like “every time we do this it’s the same thing over again”- something along those lines

• Quicksilver running scene – Yes it’s when they are saving the astronauts. It’s not set to music though

• X men are like Avengers status at the beginning of the film (which feels really unearned) -astronauts at risk of dying in space(literally the atmosphere not space) due to some cosmic waves; x men save them but jean gets hit by waves; they return and she starts freaking out about her powers

• the movie begins with young jean getting in a car crash with her two parents. At this point after the rescue we find out that her powers were responsible and she feels guilty for killing her mother. We find out that her dad is still alive though so she escapes the mansion all emotional to go find him. -when jean got hit by the cosmic rays she sent the spaceship flying into space and somehow it f-cking lands on an alien planet. The aliens look st the wreckage and go “f-ck it this means war. Let’s go get the phoenix force” that’s literally their whole motivation. -jean finds her dad and she gets pissed that Charles lied to her about her parents being dead. But Charles lied because her dad didn’t want her anymore. When she finally realizes all of this she almost kills her dad but the x men come to save her. She is really edgy at this point.

• she [Jean Grey] kills mystique by accident

• beast gets all mad because he loved her [Mystique].

• beast goes to find magneto for help to defeat jean

• charles takes the rest of the team to get to jean before the aliens and beast/magneto can

• -movie is so boring I’m sorry of this isn’t the best description but the movie ends with a cgi battle and its not very exciting because the aliens look boring and have generic levitation powers (they do shape shift into humans but they LOOK NOTHING LIKE SKRULLS AND THE WORD SKRULL IS NEVER SAID)

• there is an alien invasion and jean flies into space and gives up all her powers to destroy the fleet. The end

• [X-Men Apocalypse costumes?] Lmao those costumes are comeptlely gone. The ones from the set photos. Simple black with the yellow forming an X on the upper half. These costumes only get worn twice out of the entire movie as well. Third act is them in civilian clothing

• [Jessica Chastain’s character name?] I really couldn’t tell you because they don’t ever say it. She’s a generic alien. The cut I saw didn’t establish the name of the species or characters. Yes they are all grey. But it could have been due to the lack of cgi? The alien effects were not even close to being finished

• [Jessica Chastain’s character name Smith?] It is and I can only assume because that’s the name she uses as a human? So basically aliens land close to a country house and Jessica Chastain is there as a normal human. The alien kills her and shapeshifts into her but with bleached white hair. She then somehow steals the identity of an fbi agent with this body. That’s where “smith” comes in I guess?

• Storm, nightcrawler, quicksilver all get the least time. Cyclops, beast, and Charles get the most. Mystique dies halfway through but has a decent amount of time before she dies. No scene was shown

• [Big CGI fight?]  lmao outside the United nations. Because the aliens plan was the get all the world leaders in one place to discuss the future of mutants by using the phoenix as a pawn. It literally came up last minute and didn’t make much sense. Also the nations of the world don’t legit send their top world leaders to be in the same place at the same time. It’s Charles and Cyclops trying to not let the aliens get inside the UN meeting

• Yeah the movie is just not good when compared to modern cbm films. its a big let down

• [Who does Magneto recruit?] Random mutants. One looks like slipknot from SS and uses his dreadlocks like whips/tentacles

• The aliens in the film do shaoeshift into humans but they LOOK NOTHING like skrulls. Knowing fox they might just call them skrulls because f-ck it. The word skrull was also never said

• The sequence of them saving the astronauts is cool. Quicksilver and nightcrawler team up to teleport in and out of their ship

• [How does movie end?] Jean goes into space and finally gives in to phoenix force and it was so cheesy “I’m not jean I’m Phoenix ” she’s talking to Scott through her mind powers as she’s doing it. She gives in and explodes and she wipes out all the fleet. The movie ends with the possibility of her still being out there

• The cut I saw was really long and not finished obvi. It’s going to be shorter I feel because it was like way over 2 hours. Dazzler is in the movie making lights during a party scene (they are celebrating the team saving the day in the beginning). Genosha is like government sanciotned land to mutants. That’s what the dialogue makes it out to be. Magneto leads the group of mutants who live peacefully there. It’s really dramatic( which is fine) but a lot of the drama falls flat because of the script tbh. She only becomes the phoenix at the end and I kid you not she wears the same reddish coat for most of the movie. When she flies into space she just goes on fire with the same civilian coat. Like fox is so scared about costumes Idk why. Toad is not in it, psyloke is not in it.

X-Men Dark Phoenix

X-Men Dark Phoenix

X-Men Dark Phoenix

X-Men Dark Phoenix

X-Men Dark Phoenix