X-Men ’97 Ratings In The Gutter With Penultimate Episode

Supposed to be leading up to a 75% increase in viewership. What happened?

x men 97 ratings episode 9

It’s again learned that with X-Men ’97‘s penultimate episode, the series still remains absent from the Nielsen ratings.

This is despite Disney stating there was an increase in viewership with the three episodes leading to the final episode, which supposedly saw a 75% increase from the two-episode premiere.

nielsen may 6 12 2024
Screenshot via Nielsen

Nielsen has released its ratings charts for the week of May 6-May 12, the week X-Men ’97 Episode 9 was released, but the series fails to appear in the charts.

X-Men ’97 also fails to again make it on the Disney-invested Samba TV rankings, and Samba TV still refuses to post any data about the series.

x men 97 episode 9

We see that at the bottom of the Nielsen “Original” chart is Netflix’s Selling The OC with 245 minutes (millions).

So that means all nine episodes of X-Men ’97 are lower than that number, as Nielsen measures all the episodes available within a given week.

x men 97 no one watching

What it says to me is that no one is really watching X-Men ’97, no one new is watching X-Men ’97, and no one is really interested in X-Men ’97. The original show was watched by 23 million viewers, well, they’re all grown up now, where are they???

The MCU fans aren’t even watching X-Men ’97 as the series has lower ratings than both the worst-rated MCU shows on Disney+, Ms. Marvel and Echo, and it has a worse rating than What If…? — so you can’t blame X-Men ’97 being an animated series as the reason no one is watching.

X-Men ’97 is also the least-reviewed Marvel series by the critics.

xmen97 episode 9

As I’ve previously said, X-Men ’97 being a huge bomb is a reflection of the Disney and Marvel brands.

The content on Disney+ sucks, the content put out by Disney for the past five years sucks, and likewise, the content put out by Marvel for the past five years sucks.

No one is watching Disney+, well except little kids watching Bluey which ranks at the top of the Nielsen charts every week, and isn’t made by Disney.

Gen Z’ers have turned off Marvel.

samba tv may 6 12
Via Samba TV – May 6 – May12

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