Wrinkle in Time Director Helming New Gods Movie For DC

Wrinkle in Time Director Helming New Gods Movie For DC

It’s learned a new DC movie is in development with New Gods.

Deadline reports A Wrinkle In Time director Ava DuVernay will direct the New Gods movie, which looks to be standalone as it’s said to have no connection to the other DC worlds being exploited for film.

New Gods marks DC’s second movie IP being directed by a woman as Patty Jenkins directs the Wonder Woman films. 

Ava DuVernay actually responded back in December to a fan question on Twitter asking her favorite super hero, with her reply being Big Barda, who in the comics is the wife to Mister Miracle.

The New Gods were created by the legendary Jack Kirby and are described by DC Comics as:

The New Gods, or the “Fourth World,” as it’s frequently known, were created by legendary comic book creator Jack Kirby, and initially debuted in a trilogy of related comics written and drawn by Kirby that were published in the very early 1970s: New Gods, Forever People and Mister Miracle. None of these comics ran for very long, but together they formed the groundwork to a universe with near limitless potential.

The New Gods are exactly that—they’re new gods. They came into existence after the world of the old gods, the gods of classical mythology, was destroyed during Ragnarok. The world of these known deities was split and became two separate planets, forever linked, but utterly different. One is called New Genesis and the other is Apokolips.

These worlds are referred to as twins, but the reality is that they couldn’t be or look more different. New Genesis is a lush green paradise, while Apokolips is a scorched, nightmarish land marked by massive fire pits. Both these worlds exist outside of the DC Multiverse.

As the article notes, the New Gods movie is not connecting to the other DC films, so it’s unclear how characters like Steppenwolf and Darkseid will fit with the movie. More than likely Steppenwolf won’t even be featured, and interestingly enough Darkseid was cut from the Justice League movie, so the Justice League movie and Batman vs. Superman look to not even be a factor.

I have to say that Ava DuVernay’s A Wrinkle In Time looks to be bombing at the box office and has poor reviews, and New Gods is a different choice to go with for a DC movie, so this sounds a bit risky.

Update: Ava DuVernay actually passed on directing Black Panther at Marvel citing creative differences. If I had to guess, she probably didn’t like how Marvel controls their movies so much, so perhaps she will have a lot freedom on DC’s New Gods.

Big Barda

Big Barda

Some follow a philosophy of speaking softly and carrying a big stick. Big Barda does not. Instead, she lives up to her name with her awe-inspiring height and power as well as the impact she leaves on her enemies.

Taken from her mother at an early age, Barda grew up on Apokolips in Granny Goodness’s “Orphanage” where she was trained in the art of battle. Barda relished fighting and enjoyed besting anyone that challenged her. Her sheer power and unparalleled skills in combat quickly made her the most feared Apokoliptian warrior of all time—an incredible feat to accomplish on a world that bred the most terrifying, cruel and malicious fighters in the Multiverse. Barda’s abilities and take-charge attitude even allowed her to become the leader of the Female Furies, a ferocious and powerful group of warriors who served as the personal guard to Apokolips’s tyrannical ruler, Darkseid. Barda served Darkseid for many years—until she met Mister Miracle. The two fell in love and Barda began questioning Darkseid’s cruelty and totalitarian philosophy. Eventually, she fled to Earth, battling her way through the hordes of Apokolips and her former allies—defeating them all.

Barda continues to share a close and romantic relationship with Mister Miracle, despite their contrasting personalities. Whereas Mister Miracle is more peaceful and kind, Barda loves to fight and relishes battle. She’s the brawn to his brain, and as the more powerful of the two, tends to be very protective of him.

As a New God, Barda possesses immense levels of enhanced strength, speed, agility, stamina and more. Barda is also a master of multiple forms of combat and an expert swordswoman, capable of fighting even Wonder Woman to a stand-still. Her height alone makes her one of the tallest and most intimidating heroes in the universe. Along with her physical capabilities, Barda wears Apokoliptian armor that enhances her impressive abilities and wields the Mega-Rod, which may look small but packs a punch that could level mountains. As a high-tech weapon, the Mega-Rod fires powerful concussive bolts, increases gravitational forces and allows Barda to instantaneously teleport herself and others great distances.