WonderCon: Thundercats (2011) Panel Report and Trailer #2


picWarner Bros. Animation held their Thundercats Panel today at the WonderCon with Larry Kenney (Lion-0 in original and Claudius in the new), Producers Michael Jelenic and Ethan Spaulding, and Art Director Dan Norton.

Note: Be sure to check out out exclusive interview with Larry Kenney on the new Thundercats.

A new trailer was shown and we learned a lot about the new show.

This version of Thundercats will take place entirely on their home planet, Third Earth, with Thundera, the city, still intact. Eventually, Thundera will be destroyed, but instead of flying off-planet to space as in the original, the Thundercats will “journey into the wilds of the planet.”

Similar to the original, we’ll see a young Lion-O aged at some point in the series. (It will be interesting why and how they do this, as the original, aged the Cats as they went into stasis for space flight).


From the Cartoon Network Promo

The trailer shows Wiley Kit and Wiley Kat, Mum-Ra and Jaga. Claudius is shown defending Thundera from a Lizard invasion — with the Sword of Omens in hand.

We learn that Mum-Ra will be voiced by Robin Atkins Downes (Solaris in All-Star Superman, Baren Zemo in Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, Ack in How To Train Your Dragon) and Clancy Brown will voice Grune. Apparently, Snarf will have no voice and only make animal sounds that sound like the “snarf snarf” fans of the original remember. (I hope Snarf doesn’t have a big role – couldn’t stand the thing in the original when I was a kid!).

They stated there definitely will be 26 episodes and that the story, so far, has been mapped out to be double that.

Look for Thundercats this July on the Cartoon Network!

Source: ComingSoon.net

Updated with Trailer #2: