Wonder Woman Passes Man of Steel At Box Office


wonder woman man steel box office

Whoever thought Wonder Woman would ever beat Superman!

I know I never did.

Both a colossal win and colossal failure for WB in my book.

The new Wonder Woman movie will pass Zack Snyder’s Superman reboot, Man of Steel, at the domestic box office today as yesterday’s $3.845 million brings its current U.S. gross to $289.193 million. Coupled with today’s gross, Wonder Woman will pass Man of Steel‘s total U.S. box office gross of $291 million. And Wonder Woman did it in only 22 days.

I recall when Man of Steel first opened, it opened pretty huge with all kinds of hype surrounding a Man of Steel sequel and talk of Henry Cavill’s Superman leading the Justice League. However, once everybody actually saw the movie, the hype quickly faded as a lot of fans – including noted celebrity hard core Superman fans – despised it.

I recall three big arguments against the movie: Superman battling the Krytonians in Smallville and Metropolis, as the argument was Superman should have led them away from populated cities; Superman letting Pa Kent die, which he never should have let happen, and Superman killing Zod, which he shouldn’t have done as well.

I don’t think the first argument holds any merit as Superman was battling multiple Kyrptonians–all with arguably the same skills, but superior fighting ability (they were soldiers; Superman was not). I do agree with the latter arguments as Superman is supposed to be about hope, which Man of Steel was pretty much devoid of, but of which Wonder Woman contained.  I stated before, as I watched Wonder Woman, I couldn’t help but have wished it was Man of Steel.  Hopefully they get things right with Man of Steel 2 which is currently in development.

I think Wonder Woman also goes to show if you create a good movie – it doesn’t matter if it’s headlined by a male or female – the audience will show up. A good movie is a good movie.