Wolverine PS5 Game Gets Spider-Man 2 Developer, Updates

Said to set before Wolverine joins the X-Men.

Said to set before Wolverine joins the X-Men.

Wolverine PS5 Game Gets Spider-Man 2 Developer, Updates

First announced two years ago, now updates become known for the Wolverine PS5 game which includes it now has a Spider-Man 2 video game developer aboard.

The Spider-Man 2 game looks to be another big hit following the first game, so according to TCMFGames on Twitter, Spider-Man 2 Senior Cinematic Animator Tommy Mann has moved from Spider-Man and is now working on the Wolverine game.

The account also offers the Wolverine game will likely be released in 2024.

“Spider-Man 2 developers are moving over to Wolverine now,” tweeted the account. “Spider-Man 2 Senior Cinematic Animator Tommy Mann has moved on from the game and is now fully working on Wolverine to speed up development of the game.”

The account added, “The game is reportedly internally targeting a late 2024 release.”

TCMFGames also added some previously released information.

  • SAG-AFTRA strike has potential to delay the game if strikes happen in the gaming industry
  • Elan Ruskin, lead programmer at Insomniac Games, revealed that both Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and Wolverine will feature a new “very cool” dialogue technology in March 2023
  • Jeff Grubb’s report also reveals that the game will be potentially set before Wolverine joins the X-Men
  • A report by Jeff Grub in early 2023 reveals that the game will be semi-open world ( God of War ) with a Mature rating
  • Spec Ops : The Line writer Walt Williams was promoted to narrative director for Wolverine in 2022
  • The release date could land in late 2024 early 2025. Insomniac is reportedly targeting late 2024. The game has not been provided with an official release timeframe
  • Confirmed not long after the teaser that Wolverine will be a full sized game and have a mature tone
  • The game was first announced in 2021 via the PlayStation Showcase with a teaser trailer
wolverine video game

What is the Wolverine video game about?

Marvel’s Wolverine is currently in development by Insomniac Games for PlayStation 5. Created in collaboration with Marvel Games and PlayStation,” announced Marvel.com in 2021. “The adamantium-clawed mutant will lead the standalone game directed by Brian Horton (Creative Director) and Cameron Christian (Game Director), who recently led the creative efforts on Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales.”

The teaser below shows Logan at the bar after what looks to be a big fight where Logan cleaned house, but then some guy attempts to pull a knife on Wolverine. Big mistake! SNIKT!

Watch the teaser:

Marvel’s Wolverine – Announcement Teaser | PS5

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