Will Smith Rumored For Ben Affleck Batman Movie



A new rumor surfaces stating Will Smith may star in the upcoming standalone Ben Affleck Batman movie.

Latino Review is quoting sources who state Deadshot may appear in the Batman film, which would be a “major role” for Smith and make the film on par with Batman Vs. Superman in terms of star quality and characters.

According to the report, it’s not a definite thing with it stated it’s “rumble behind the scenes” and a big “IF things pan out.”

It’s further said Will Smith as Deadshot in a Batman movie would be a “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly” type-of-scenario.

The Batman movie has yet to be announced (probably around Batman Vs. Superman‘s debut), and it’s also speculated that Ben Affleck will direct.

Affleck did recenly reveal he’s open to directing a solo Batman movie and did state the DC Justice League Universe will be massive.

If the Will Smith Deadshot rumor doesn’t pan out, there is always the rumor of the Red Hood for the standalone Batman movie.

Will Smith stars as Deadshot in Suicide Squad out next August.