‘What If’ Leaks Include Doctor Strange, Red Skull, More


More leaks from the Marvel What If? animated series have made their way online in the form of LEGOs and Funko POPs.

The What If? LEGO set reveals “Captain Carter & the Hydra Stomper” featuring a look at Agent Carter as Captain America battling a giant Hydra robot mech and the Red Skull, with a Steve Rogers figure included as well.

What If? LEGO:


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What If? Funko POPs:

The Funko POP figures also include Captain Carter, T’Challa as Star-Lord, The Hydra Stomper, Gamora Daughter of Thanos, and Doctor Strange Supreme.

What If? still doesn’t have an exact release date, but it’s thought to be released possibly in September sometime. Check out more footage below.

What If? footage:

Marvel What If? concept art:

What If Marvel Zombies Captain America concept art

What If Steve Rogers Iron Man concept art

What if Steve Rogers No Super Soldier Serum concept art

what if tchalla star-lord guarians of the galaxy concept art