Watch: Tom Cruise Reveals Why He Hasn’t Done a Superhero Movie


tom cruise green lantern

While promoting Jack Reacher 2, Tom Cruise appeared on Jimmy Kimmel and talked about why he hasn’t done a superhero movie.

Jimmy Kimmel asks Tom Cruise if he ever had a serious conversation with DC or Marvel.

“No. No,” said Tom Cruise.

Jimmy Kimmel also asked Tom Cruise if playing a superhero is something that interests him.

“Look, I really enjoy those films a lot. I enjoy them, but you know I make the Missions [Impossible] and  [Jack] Reacher. Just different kind of films,” Cruise said.

I’ve always pictured Tom Cruise in more of a cosmic setting for a superhero movie, as I’m a big fan of Oblivion. Richard Rider Nova has come to mind for a possible Marvel character, but I have to admit Tom Cruise is a bit old for the part (I believe Nova was around 22 in Annihilation). So how about Tom Cruise for the new Green Lantern Hal Jordan in the DCEU Green Lantern Corps movie?

Jack Reacher 2 opens Friday.