Watch: Josh Brolin Talks Thanos & Batman


Josh Brolin talks once again about Thanos in the above video with MTV as the actor will be portraying the Mad Titan for the upcoming Marvel movies.

As Brolin stated before when he mentioned we’ll see Thanos soon, Brolin says more of the same in that it really wasn’t a big decision about portraying Thanos. Marvel sent Brolin a book with all the Thanos comics, which sold Brolin on playing Thanos right away.

Josh Brolin was also a contender to play Batman at one time for Batman Vs. Superman. Brolin is asked if he has any mixed emotions about not playing the character, with Brolin replying he’ll always wonder what his version of Batman would have been like, but at the same time says he is looking forward to what Ben Affleck does with Batman.

Check out more in the video above.

Josh Brolin has Everest coming out September 25th and Sicario coming out in October.