Watch: Marvel’s Canceled Daredevil Video Game


Back in the day when Marvel was licensing out characters to the movie studios with Spider-Man and X-Men, they were also licensing out characters for video games.

Check out a video below from the DidYouKnowGaming? YouTube channel going over the canceled 2003 PS2 Daredevil video game (and potentially PC and XBox).

The developers behind the project initially wanted to make it a third-person game and bring scenes from the comic book to life.

Marvel was also fully involved with the canceled Daredevil game and had the final say over the creative decisions.

However, once news of the Ben Affleck Daredevil movie became known, the game expanded into becoming an open-world game.

Trouble started brewing when Marvel and Sony started to butt heads over the creative direction. One example given is that Sony wanted to include “grinding” in the game (because Tony Hawk skateboarding was popular), which showed Daredevil sliding over wires, etc., but Marvel wanted to stay true to the comics.

It’s further said that Microsoft (XBox) had more a laid-back approach and let the developer do what they wanted to with the game.

Eventually, technical issues with the game engine (and internal strife) also added to its demise.

The plot of the canceled Daredevil video game centered around the Kingpin being assassinated with the remaining crime lords fighting over for control of Hell’s Kitchen.

Daredevil video game footage:

Daredevil video game