Watch: Cancelled Star Wars Games You’ve Never Seen Before


cancelled star wars video games Watch: Cancelled Star Wars Games You've Never Seen Before

We’ve seen vidoes on Marvel’s cancelled Daredevil game and the cancelled Superman open world game, now check out the cancelled Star Wars video game you’ve never seen before put together by the DidUKnowGaming YouTube channel.

Check it out below.

This video reveals two cancelled projects by Factor 5. The first is a Rogue Squadron Compilation with new features, including updated online multiplayer. The game was originally planned as an Xbox game, but several factors led to the game being developed for the Nintendo Wii. This Wii version had no online multiplayer, but included new modes that supported wii motion plus. The second project was Star Wars Dark Squadron. This would be a flight combat game like Rogue Squadron, but the player would take control of Darth Vader and control the imperial army. The third game discussed in this video is an action-adventure game staring Chewbacca. The game would have seen chewy as a bounty hunter, and would have took place before he became friends with Han Solo.