Watch: Batman Vs. Green Arrow Fan-Made Trailer



Check out a cool fan-made trailer for a “what if” Batman Vs. Green Arrow movie.

The footage is taken from the Christopher Nolan The Dark Knight Batman movies as well as the Arrow TV series.

Christian Bale is the Batman of choice in addition to Anne Hathaway, Liam Neeson and Gary Oldman appearing.

From Arrow, Stephen Amell is Oliver Queen, with Manu Bennett lending his talents as Deathstroke, and Summer Glau appears well.

The YouTuber, ShadesAtKnight, recently updated his Batman Vs. Green Arrow “movie” with a new TV spot; you can head to his channel to check out a bunch more.

Regarding who would win between Batman vs. Arrow, I think we already got our answer with the Arrow mid-season finale this year.

Let us know who you think would win and how it would go down in the comments below.

Batman vs Arrow spot:

Batman vs Arrow trailer: