The Walking Dead Ratings Continue Dropping

The Walking Dead Ratings Continue Dropping

The Walking Dead woes continue.

Following last week’s low-rated episode, now it’s learned the ratings for this past Sunday’s episode have dropped even lower.

Sunday’s episode dropped to a 2.8 rating, with only 6.6 million viewers turning in, down around 200K viewers from the previous episode.

The 2.8 rating is the lowest since Season 1’s penultimate episode, which it matches.

And as I said, the Oscars had nothing to do with last week’s The Walking Dead episode having low ratings – as the Oscars also suffered a record ratings low – and now this week both the ratings and viewership are even lower.

The primary reason viewers are tuning out is that the story just hasn’t been up to par, with fans complaining the Negan story has been drawn out way too long, while still other fans are complaining about the lack of appeal of newer characters.

I also said the death of Carl episode was a good exit point for viewers to stop watching, which now looks to be the case.  

The Walking Dead at one time was one of the best shows on TV to watch – regularly getting around 13 million or more viewers per episode – but now it’s at half that and dropping. 

It’s also not helping that the show is surrounded by behind-the-scenes drama with the producers and creator Robert Kirkman suing the AMC network over monies allegedly owed, Chandler Riggs said to have been fired, and the latest is that Lauren Cohan might be off the show due to not re-upping her contract over a pay dispute, which sees her getting paid a lot less than her male counterparts.

Khary Payton, who plays King Ezekiel, even recently took to social media in support of Lauren Cohan by posting to his Instagram followers, “Pay the woman.”

That said, The Walking Dead still led Sunday‚Äôs overall cable ratings by wide margins, so it remains to be seen if AMC will make changes (or if they even care).